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The entrance to the Paine estate, with planters at forefront and the mansion in the background.Ken Cravillion


The Paine is available for story ideas and fact checking, interviews, onsite media visits, photo and video requests, social media collaborations, advertising opportunities and more.

The Paine’s media policies and information on various types of services are included below. To learn more or make a request, or to contact us about advertising opportunities, please connect with Marketing Manager Noell Dickmann at or (920) 235-6903 x140.

News Media Inquiries

Our team can provide information, photos, and B-roll for media stories; story ideas and fact checking; coordinating interviews for radio, television, or written coverage; onsite media visits and talkbacks; and more. Student project requests are welcome.

Photo and Video Requests

Our team can provide photos of the mansion and gardens for use on your website or other communications materials. The name, logo, and images of the Paine Art Center and Gardens cannot be used by outside parties without permission.

Photography Sessions

Professional and commercial photography, videography, and photo shoots require a permit and advance approval. To arrange wedding photography, styled shoots, and prom or other photography relating to school dances, please visit the Weddings page.

Paine Marketing Content

The Paine coordinates photographers to independently shoot the mansion, gardens, events, and exhibitions during open hours for marketing purposes. This includes capturing images of visitors. If you see one of our photographers and prefer not to have your image taken, kindly notify them and they will abide accordingly.

Social Media Resources

Please see our Social Media Resources for information on official handles, hashtags, and information on influencer collaborations.

Aerial Photography, Videography, and Drones

As the Paine is a private organization, we exercise Wisconsin statute 942.10, where the law prohibits photography, recording, or observing individuals in a place where they have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Advance written approval is required for aerial photography and use of drones over Paine property. Proof of insurance, FAA license and registration, and adhering to all federal and state laws is required. For the safety of all visitors, drones may not be used during open hours.