About the Paine

The Paine is a historic estate that serves as a multi-faceted museum for learning and inspiration.

The museum preserves the property’s historic architecture, with the mansion as the centerpiece, and many of the house’s interiors as they were created by founders Nathan and Jessie Kimberly Paine. Selections from the museum’s art collection, much of which was acquired by Nathan and Jessie, are featured in the many rooms and settings of the estate. Outdoors, the Paine maintains and enhances numerous display gardens as “galleries” of horticulture with varied designs and thousands of plant specimens.

In addition, the museum presents changing art exhibitions, from classical to contemporary, as well as seasonal events like Nutcracker in the Castle during the holidays. The Family Discovery Gallery, located on the house’s lower level, offers “hands on” activities about architecture, art, and gardens for people of all ages, and the Paine hosts a wide range of programs throughout the year in the carriage house and conservatory.

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Photo by Stolley Studio

Organization Information

The Paine Art Center and Gardens is private, non-profit organization (501c3 tax-exempt) that is governed by a Board of Trustees and operated by a professional staff with the assistance of volunteers. The institution is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums, and the property is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. An endowment provides approximatedly a quarter of the organization’s annual funding, and the remaining three-quarters is raised through donations and fees, including admissions, memberships, grants, and rentals. The Paine relies upon the breadth of generous individuals and organizations to support the ongoing care and programs of the museum.

Photo by Stolley Studio

Core Values

Hospitality: We want every person to feel welcomed and graciously treated as a special guest throughout their visit with us.

Beauty: We preserve and nurture an environment of exceptionally beautiful architecture, art, and gardens for the enrichment of the public.

Excellence: We strive for the highest level of quality in all our interactions with the public and everything that we offer for their benefit.

Respect: We value each person’s dignity, abilities, differences, and contributions.

Teamwork: We work together with a positive attitude to ensure that all of our endeavors succeed.

Core Purpose

To sustain the care of the historic architecture, collections, and gardens;

To offer culturally enriching experiences within the beautiful settings; and

To inspire people to enjoy, create, and share beauty in their daily lives.

Board of Trustees

Timothy Raupp, President
Jason Lasky, Vice President
Catherine Luther, Treasurer
Peg Wachtel, Secretary
John Bermingham, Past President
Michael J. Castle, Executive Committee, At-large
Susan Hirschberg, Executive Committee, At-large

Kristy Bradish
Antoinette Brinkman
Thomas R. Cooper
Allen Davis
Dr. Lane Earns
Sean Fitzgerald

Photo by Eric Reischl

Board of Trustees (cont.)

Jenna Golem
Karola Jungbacker 
Joe McCreery
Jane Neufelder 
David L. Omachinski 
Marilyn Potter 
Tony Renning 
Randy S. Schmiedel 
Pat Seibold, Volunteer Representative, Ex-officio 
Aaron Sherer, Executive Director, Ex-officio
B.S. Sridhar 
Ann Trembly 
Dave Willeford 
Beth Wyman


Lead Staff

Steve Faust, Facilities and Security Manager 
Laura Fiser, Curator of Collections and Exhibitions 
Sheila Glaske, Curator of Horticulture 
Kelli Marsicek, Marketing and Volunteer Coordinator 
Doris Peitz, Business Manager 
Michelle Rector, Events Manager 
Aaron Sherer, Executive Director 
Jeanne Wagner, Educator

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Photo Credits

The Paine would like to thank the many photographers whose images are featured throughout our website. When possible, the photographers are recognized where the photograph appears.

Photos for the homepage banner were provided by:  Eric Reischl, mansion view with reflection and garden view with tulips; Stolley Studio, image of painting of cows and sunflowers by Schomer Licthner; and Hillary Quella Photography, interior view of the conservatory.

Photos for the homepage features were provided by: Stolley Studio, image of painting of irises by Ruth Grotenrath; Limelight Studios, image of family in Family Discovery Gallery; Eric Reischl, view of mansion with tulips and photo of tulip; and Ken Cravillion Photography, image of wedding couple in Great Hall bay window.


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