February 2014 - Page 3 of 4 - Paine Art Center and Gardens

February 2014 - Page 3 of 4 - Paine Art Center and Gardens

Sumac Canopy

The fuzzy stems of the Tiger Eyes Sumac’s are contrasted against its stunning canopy of leaves.

Controlled Chaos

This annual bed was inspired by wildflower prairies.  The “controlled chaos” of the planting design created a natural-looking and dazzling display along the balustrade in front of the Paine mansion.

Allium Art

Against the crackled stucco wall,  the Allium sead heads and woody stems of Ninebark create an intriguing abstract composition.

Shady Oasis

A pair of Adirondack chairs nestled into a shady spot in the gardens provide a pleasant place to rest.

Boxwood Sphere

A Boxwood shrub creates a topiary-like sculptural form in an urn.

Capturing the Light

Grasses planted between the viewer and the sun beautifully capture the sunlight.

Container Grouping

A showy display of a grouping of glazed containers with the same plant material in each.

Tulips at Sunset

Thousands of double peony tulips catch the late afternoon sunlight.

Impressionist Garden

This annual flower bed from a few summers ago was a favorite of visitors.  Sprays of purple Verbena bonariensis and Cosmos top the brilliant leaves of Perilla and silvery Plectranthus.

Photo by Stolley Studio

Lintel and Columns

The decorative lintel over the door to the Breakfast Room features oak leaves carved from Kasota limestone. Ornate Corinthian capped columns frame each side of the doorway.

Photo by Lisa Madden

Wrought Iron Window

Purely a decorative feature, this wrought iron window is built into a limestone wall adjoining the back of the mansion. The window frames a stunning view across the back lawn.

Rear Facade - Paine Art Center and GardensPhoto by Eric Reischl

Rear Façade

The Paine mansion was designed to look as if it was built over three centuries in evolving English styles. The northeast, rear corner of the house was to appear as if it was the oldest section of the house with post-and-beam and brick construction.

Carriage House Doors - Paine Art Center and Gardens

Carriage House Doors

The garage doors to the carriage house were fully dismantled and rebuilt as part of the recent renovation process. During special events the doors are swung open and provide a dramatic way to enter and exit the building.

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